Anybody else praying for the day we can go back to normal?  

25th January 2021

Living through this piece of history we find ourselves ‘in the same storm but not in the same boat.’

Many challenges, some life changing, some personal, some logistical but all emotionally draining in different ways.

Lives of loved ones lost, irreplaceable.

Families separated behind glass screens.

Young futures waiting to be lived.

Loss of businesses, loss of jobs and loss of homes.

Loss of dignity, loss of pride and loss of self esteem.

Loneliness and emptiness for so many.

Some with too much time, some with not a minute to spare.

Stress and anxiety of the unknown for all.

Humbled by our NHS, teachers and all key workers; without whom our society would collapse.

And here we are, a small cog in the lives of the children we teach. Our cogs may have stopped turning temporarily but Northern Arts Factory will return stronger and more grateful for being able to do what we love everyday.

We love the small things that we see in every class, the small steps that our children make which are hugely important to their development.

We love to watch them make friends in a new environment, hesitantly asking questions; nurturing self esteem and communication.

We love listening as they share their experiences with each other; exploring who they are and what they believe.

We love watching them playing games with others, delighted smiles when they win and grimaces when they don’t; building character and resilience.

We love encouraging them to step outside their comfort zone; gaining confidence and social skills.

We love nurturing their skills in drama and dance, regardless of ability; their effort means so much to us.

We love the discussion and laughter as they create together, developing their imagination and critical thinking.

We are grateful for so many things and this pandemic has highlighted the importance of following for us:

  1. To nurture the small things as one day, they will become the big things.
  2. Do what you love doing and you’ll never do a day’s work in your life.

Anybody else praying for the day we can go back to normal? 

Make sure your normal is everything you want it be!

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